From the CF Foundation Community Blog (11/29/2017) — As both a researcher and a person with cystic fibrosis, it is an amazing experience to watch cells with rare CF mutations respond to drugs in the lab. Knowing the scientific basis for my treatments not only gives me a sense of control, but it encourages me to do my treatments.

From the CF Foundation Community Blog (2/20/2019) — Everyone with cystic fibrosis faces the fear that their next infection could be the one that doesn't respond to treatments. Chronic infections eventually led to my sister's death. After seeing what she went through, it became clear to me that we have an immediate need for better anti-infectives.

From the CF Foundation Community Blog (5/1/2019) — Being in touch with your emotions can be considered a negative when you're a guy. For me, it's been a tremendous help in dealing with my cystic fibrosis and the loss of my sister to this disease.