2017: A Year in Review and How I Plan on Making 2018 Better

2017 was a busy year.


I started a blog but only wrote on it a few times.

I did a 5-day hospital trial for an experimental CF drug.

I got sinus surgery followed by 2 weeks of antibiotics.

I gave a talk at the UK CF Family Day.

I ran the Flying Pig Marathon. 

I had my anniversary of my first post-college job.

I got two more tattoos.

I achieved my highest lung function in several years. 

I became a published scientist.


I started a podcast.

I wrote an article for the CF Foundation’s community blog.

I was on oral antibiotics for the first time in years due to a significant decrease in lung function.

I achieved an even higher lung function after the two-week stint of antibiotics.

We put down our family dog, Bo, after having him for 14 years.

Alyssa struggled with rejection on several occasions and we could do nothing but watch and try to offer support.


I struggled deeply and privately with my mental health, specifically with intrusive thoughts that influenced my anxiety and depression.

And I finally realized why I believe I have a story to tell.


We all suffer. To cope with my suffering, I like to create art, something I'm proud of. Whether that's through writing and the beauty of written words, or through speaking and communicating and finding the right words to describe my worldview, or through exercise and the joy of improving my fitness and directly combating the effects of CF, this is my art.

The world can feel like a hellscape or a paradise, sometimes all at once. We're all in this together and the only way I'll ever be happy with myself is if I communicate the lessons I've learned through my life and experience. Writing helps to elicit deep emotions and consolidate the lessons I've learned, all while having the possible benefit of sparking discussion and reaching others.

In 2018, I hope to read voraciously, write constantly, learn endlessly, and create continuously. I have so many ideas that I'm excited to get started on and the New Year provides a great starting point. 

In the upcoming year, I hope what I can do best is to embrace life as it comes. I'm going to allow myself to enjoy my experiences. I intend on being a better person than I've ever been by being more understanding, more loving, more open-minded.

I hope I can reach people through my writing.