May is CF Awareness Month

The Importance of Awareness

Since May is CF Awareness Month, I want to take the time to really hammer home how important awareness is. It may seem obvious why it's important for people to be aware of CF, but when I mean awareness, I mean when people know of me, but don't really know me that well, but are familiar with my life as a CF patient. 

I enjoy writing and I think I'm skilled at it. I'm also an explainer, so in just about everything I do, I try to give thorough answers. (Side note: a couple weeks ago, a buddy of mine asked how I choose books to read. The response he received was a novel, no pun intended.)

So when I write about CF, I write honestly and deeply. I explain everything in as detailed way as possible. I want to know why people think and do the things they do, so I want people to know why I think and do the things I do. I feel as though communicating through my writings is the best way to do that. Writing gives me time to think things through more clearly and put them more eloquently.

The Importance of Openness & Transparency

On a further point of why I try to be as thorough in my writings about CF is because of how crucial it is for us to be openness and transparent about our CF. Living with a chronic disease has affected our worldview intimately, so sometimes it's easy to forget that some people have never been around somebody with our life experiences.

If I'm open about my CF, I hope to create a culture of understanding where people can feel free to ask me whatever questions they want. I want people to understand CF, I want people to ask me the tough questions. It's nice to be talked to like an adult. Trust me, there isn't much that can be asked of an adult with CF that they haven't been asked or thought of before. 

If I'm transparent with people, especially regarding comments that can be misconstrued as offensive, I can teach somebody how to better engage in the conversation. 

CF Awareness Month

So for this month, I'm setting out to write more comprehensively about my life and what I go through. I'll explain medications, appointments, the psychology, the process our health goes through as it deteriorates, and many other points.

Please feel free to ask me any and every question you can come up with. I'm an open book. Comment on my statuses on Facebook or here if you want it to be public, or send me messages privately if you prefer. I have no preference either way.